Townhome Association Management Charlotte NC

Cusick Company provides Townhome Management with reliable expertise and access to information in all areas of administration, finance, real estate, maintenance, vendor supervision, project management, insurance and contract negotiation.
Townhome exteriors must be maintained to uphold community values, but what Board of Directors or Association Member wants to spend countless days and nights worrying about other people’s issues? Townhomes typically offer more green space, driveways, shared roof lines and snow removal to consider than with other common interest communities. Cusick Townhome Management is your experienced team to meet those special needs – on time and under budget.
Cusick Company understands that owners purchase townhomes to personally enjoy the leisure (worry free) time such ownership promises. With Cusick Company both Board and Members may relax knowing attentive growth in value is secure with careful management.
Cusick Company tailors Townhome Management Services to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of each association. Cusick is the proactive resource of problem solvers able to drill down to address the root cause of each issue and solve each challenge.
Cusick Company services are always under direction as authorized and instructed by the Board of Directors.  While Cusick will make best practice recommendations we feel are in the best interests of the association and in compliance with all applicable laws, we always carry out the board's decision promptly and efficiently.  Boards decide and Cusick implements. 
Cusick clients are a diverse group of communities that range in size from 12 to 1,400 units and include all kinds of commercial properties. We currently manage more than 127 associations and 18,000 properties supporting some of the largest associations and developers in the Carolinas and the list grows steadily year after year. The Cusick team knows that every association has different needs from basic accounting to on-site staffing. 
The Cusick Company Townhome Management team looks forward to meeting you and answering any and all questions specific to your development. We tailor our services to the needs of your association up to and including specialized financial reports or other forms as the Board may request. We call this style of association interaction “relational management.”
Townhome Association Management Charlotte NC

I have found Cusick Townhome Management provides worry free reliable expertise to address our association’s operational requirements including administration, finance, insurance, contract negotiation and inspections. They address our resident’s needs in a timely, courteous manner. After working with Cusick Company for seven years, I would highly recommend them.
Bob S. President of Townhome Association

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